Engineered structure tents are also called clear span tents. This term beautifully describes the vast open space under one of these giants. To be under a clear span is a true experience that will leave your guests in awe.

Structure tents are made from box beam aluminum frames, bolted together and into the ground, making it the tent industry’s heaviest duty option. They can withstand strong winds without any problem, and provide the most flexibility for interior design because there are no center poles needed.

For venues with long-term needs in Rochester, Buffalo and the Finger Lakes region, we often build a “permanent” on-site custom structure, servicing the vinyl during the busy season and storing and cleaning the vinyl with our industrial tent washer in the off season. A McCarthy Tents & Event’s clear span tent rental is the top of the line choice for any wedding, conference, corporate event, gala, festival or special event.


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