Make Culture the Centerpiece of Your Next Corporate Event

Company parties, corporate team building events, retreats and other out-of-office get togethers are a great way to connect with your employees. Such gatherings can celebrate company milestones, promote internal programs, thank your people for a job well done, and more.

Also, such events can make employees feel more connected to the company. By ensuring your corporate culture is the star of your event, you can boost morale and build loyalty—all while treating your staff to a great time. Here’s how.

Know your culture

Corporate culture is different than a mission statement. While a mission statement lays out why your organization exists, the culture is the shared beliefs and values that make up your company’s identity. A mission statement is “what we do,” and corporate culture is “who we are.” Keeping your culture in mind is useful in creating an event that fits your people and ties strongly to your firm’s identity.

Involve employees

If you want to increase the chances of throwing an event that reflects your culture, planning should include the people that make your culture what it is. This means all the people, not just higher-ups and admins. If you, for example, only include executives to the planning meetings, you are more likely to end up with corporate event ideas that only resonates with the “suits.” A diverse planning committee increases the chance of executing an event with diverse appeal. Plus, empowering employees by letting them impact decisions, from the catering menu to the party tent, can make them feel their opinions are valued.

Include the unexpected

Cookie-cutter events tend to foster boredom among employees. If every company event takes place at the same location, with the same menu, decorations, DJ and other components, your staff is likely to lose interest. Shaking things up brings that interest back again, and with it a positive impression of your organization. The differences from event to event don’t have to be radical—changing the location, adding fun activities, tweaking the menu and other small shifts can make a huge difference. It’s those creative touches that make the event yours. Bring the dance party outside, with a DJ under a tent. Serve a menu of carnival food. The possibilities are endless. Check out our blog on 5 Fresh Corporate Event Ideas to liven things up.

Encourage attendance to your corporate event

No matter how well-planned and inclusive of company culture an event might be, it all goes out the window if no one shows. You could make attendance mandatory, but it is wise to set things up so employees actually want to be there. Communicate that leadership will be there, to set a solid example. Talk up the great features of the event—fun, education, prizes, tasty beverages and more. Then, post-event, send emails thanking employees for attending (include photos of the fun to reinforce the message).

Pulling off a successful company event with your corporate culture at the center takes planning, consideration and the right partner. Reach out to the tent and event experts at McCarthy Tents & Events to make it happen.