It may seem counterintuitive for us to promote the items in our rental arsenal that are the most budget-conscious options, but there are a few very important things to consider when shopping by price…

McCarthy Tents & Events typically does not win when people are shopping around for the best price. And we’re okay with that; we really are. We are not interested in renting the cheapest items possible. We ARE interested, however, in providing the best possible experience to everyone, regardless of budget.

Whether you’ve chosen our simplest tent, our simplest wedding chair, glasses, lights, etc., what is most important to us (and hopefully to you) is that the equipment is sparkling clean, safe and beautiful, and that the service is spot-on for what you deserve on your special occasion. Our value lies in quality. Quality of product, quality of service, quality of people.

Yes, we have amazing high-end offers too, but honestly, sometimes the simplest (least expensive) rentals are the most beautiful, letting all the details you’ve lovingly prepared for your special day shine bright: the amazing flowers, the delicious food, the delightful drinks, the views, the faces of your loved ones, the dress… the love. And you know what? We’re totally cool with that.

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