Safety is our #1 Priority

We are proud to be industry leaders in safety in our market. Without the safety of your guests, no event will be a success.We are proud members of the American Rental Association and strictly follow their Statement of Best Practices for Emergency Evacuation Planning for Tented Events.

American Rental Association

Tent Ballasting: Weights vs Water Barrels

In 2014, we made the decision to never again use water barrels to secure our frame tents. This is a photo of the aftermath of high winds. The white starburst tent is ours. The blue and white striped tent flipped on top of it is NOT ours. Notice the water barrel 20′ in the air still strapped to our competitor’s tent.

We only use concrete weights to secure our tents.

Industry research proved that using concrete weights is the only proper way to anchor a frame tent to the ground. But the use of concrete weights is expensive both to produce and to transport, deterring competitors from switching over.

This picture reminds us that those difficult decisions we made in 2014 – knowing we’d lose some business to the less expensive competition – was well worth it.


Video: Water Barrels vs. Block and Roll®

Our Inventory is Top Safety-Rated!

  • Wind-Rated JumboTrac Frame Tents, engineered to sustain 100-MPH 3-second gust exposure
  • 2200 Series Larger Pole Tents, engineered to sustain 90-MPH 3-second gust exposure
  • Palmer Snyder Folding Chairs – American-made and proven to be stronger than any other rental chair on the market.

Watch this great video comparing our chairs to others in a 300lb weight test!

Weather Safety

  • Never stay under a tent if there is lightening! Evacuate the tent immediately and move indoors.
  • If you ever see shifting in the legs or center poles of the tent, evacuate the tent.
  • According to the  Beaufort Wind Scale, anything over 38 MPH is when moderate tree limbs start breaking and thus could potentially come in contact with the tent, risking its integrity + safety of guests. We advise evacuating the tent before winds increased to that speed.

Proudly Made in the USA

Even though it often costs us more, we believe in supporting American businesses whenever possible. Look for the  Made In USA  icon next to our Rental Catalog items.