YOU ALL WALK ON WATER as far as I’m concerned. From the moment I walked through your unfinished entryway last fall until the last piece of tent/furniture was loaded into the truck, the event was a flawless experience. Truly, it was flawless. That’s because of trained and experienced professionals, like you, Jeff. You made the entire journey(similar to a Black Hole for me.) organized, thoughtful, and enjoyable. You have a wonderful and delightful sense of humor and are easy with whom to work. I only wish that you and your wife could have enjoyed the party after helping me to produce a fabulous tent venue for my family.

Your tent staff are terrific, hard-working, and respectful young men who represent McCarthy Tent Company well. Whoever is your HR person, tell him/her to give them a raise!!! From the moment they arrived(and it was in the 90’s) those guys did not stop for a millisecond. To make things more difficult for them, the ground is all clay and we hadn’t had any rain, so it was like concrete for them to pound the tent posts into the earth manually. By the time they finished, they had assembled the dance floor (and level!!), unloaded all the tables and chairs, including the linens, and placed the green beautiful lanterns up, ready for Show Time!  To say that I was pleased, delighted, over the moon, is putting it mildly.  By the time, we put the linens on the table, along with the flowers(daisies), the tent was transformed into a magical and stunning venue. Still, I cannot give the young men enough praise and gratitude for their difficult work under hot, stifling temperatures.

The same compliments can also be given to the young men on the return visit after the party. They are outstandingly hard-working men. What a nice bunch of people! The manager is excellent and the group worked so hard, again. Every man on the job was superb.