Portable Fryer, 50 lbs.

Floor style four tube gas fryer. All Stainless Steel fry tank, 50 lb. capacity. Stainless Steel front, top ledge and header.1-1/4″ ball type full port drain. Four 30,000 BTU heat exchange tubes with high heat baffles, total 120,000 BTU. Double rod basket hanger. Stainless Steel door with integral liner. Smooth Finish, High Grade G90 galvanized sides and back. Includes two nickel chrome wire mesh fry baskets. Millivolt thermostat allows temperature range from 200°F to 400°F. Auto reset high-limit control shuts fryer down if shortening exceeds maximum temperature. 6 inch adjustable legs

  • Weight: 185 lbs

Price: $215.00