Evolution Dome Tent

Behold. The Evolution Dome. Ya heard it here first, folks: McCarthy Tents & Events is the proud owner (more importantly: renter) of the first stateside Evolution Dome. No one else in our area or even the country (!!!) has this technology…yet.

#RedefiningRental has been our company’s mission for 10 years now, and a key conduit to achieving this is bringing Rochester, Buffalo and beyond the latest and greatest in rental industry technology. Sometimes that means reaching across The Big Pond to find it. This year, we’re so excited to announce that the Evolution Dome just took center stage as the funkiest, coolest, most unique rental structure we’ve ever seen.

But the only thing we like better than its ultra-cool status, is its ultra-safe status. Engineered in England, where it has taken the rental market by storm, this revolutionary air-beam structure is built to withstand sustained winds of 55 miles per hour. And at 20m in diameter, our dome is the tent-equivalent to a 40×100 tent, comfortably holding approx.350 people.

The Evolution Dome’s rental possibilities are wide open, awaiting definition as we forge the new frontier of this new technology. We imagine Western New York’s vivacious music scene will love it for VIP wow-factor and private parties. Business conferences, grand openings, retreats, special events for fitness or fundraising… it goes on and on.

The Evolution Dome is a blank canvas not only ideologically and application-wise, but physically as well. Its smooth white material beckons for customization with your events unique palette and identity.

What will YOU do with the dome? How will you use its uniqueness to parlay your own advancements?

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