Planning Your Finger Lakes Engagement Party

So the question was popped – and of course, you said yes! Now, it’s time to celebrate. Planning an engagement party is an exciting thing; in many ways, it gets the ball rolling for the joyful (and hectic) year of planning and festivities. But when it comes to proposal and engagement parties, you have a chance to think outside of the box and get creative. This celebration of what’s to come doesn’t have the set traditions and mores of bridal showers or weddings, so let your creative juices flow!

To get you started, here are some tips on how to plan the perfect engagement party:

Who to Invite

If you were to receive the happiest news of your life, who would you expect a warm phone call or email of congratulations from? When it comes to planning your engagement party, these are the friends and loved ones you should consider inviting. Unlike your wedding which may include distant relatives, old college friends and the like, engagement parties are small and intimate celebrations. After all, a party is bound to be way more fun than a congratulatory email!

Find Your Location

When planning your engagement party, take advantage of the lightheartedness and versatility of the occasion. While reserving a room at your favorite restaurant is always an option, don’t discount unconventional, outdoor settings such as local parks, beaches and vineyards. Rochester and the Finger Lakes region has countless settings for the perfect intimate celebration. Outdoor engagement parties need little more than a few key details, such as a simple tent, rustic farmhouse tables for a touch of sophistication, and the right table decorations to create the intimate celebration of your dreams.

Set the Scene

While many choose to have their engagement party table linens, china, décor and flatware sync up with their future wedding décor theme, this doesn’t always have to be the case. This is the first of many opportunities to express you and your fiancé’s personal tastes and styles through party décor – so have fun with it! If you’re planning a formal ballroom wedding, for example, you can opt for a more intimate, laidback vibe using vibrant colors and contrasting textures. If you can dream it, you can plan it!

Bites, Brews, and Everything In Between

To cater or not to cater? Whatever you choose to do, we recommend you keep it simple. Your engagement party is a time to bask in the glow of your future nuptials and enjoy the excitement of those around you. Opt for simple, sophisticated passed appetizers and a few dishes that resonate with your personality – feel free to get creative here. Love sliders? Set up a slider bar! The same can be done with tacos, pasta or even garbage plates!

When it comes to libations, make it easy by renting a bar. Rent a keg of your favorite local craft beer and offer a selection of local Finger Lakes wines. When you live in the area best known for its beverages, how can you go wrong?

Ready to have the perfect engagement party?

Let’s Plan!