Inauguration Day

In early January 2017, we were involved in our largest, most exciting set-up to date: the 45th United States Presidential Inauguration, located right on the National Mall in the middle of Washington, D.C.

The install began on January 6th, just 3 weeks after the initial phone call about building a Media Village with the US Capital Building and Washington Monument as backdrops.

After hundreds of hours on the phone, an intense loading and trucking schedule, and many flights later, we began our install on a balmy 22 degree winter day on the National Mall. Brutal weather would continue to be the trend for the following 5 days, but as a testament to McCarthy Tents & Events’ service and amazing staff, we finished the monumental install one day ahead of schedule. Logistical mastery!

The install included two 82′ wide structure tents, a 30′ wide structure tent entranceway, and a massive 50×82′ double decker structure tent that hosted all the country’s major news networks covering the historical event. CNN, MSNBC, FOX News… all were housed under McCarthy Tents & Events trustworthy frames. The structures sat on raised and leveled flooring system, all custom built by our team, with height variations of 2-6′. All flooring was surfaced with a vinyl hardwood and accented with red carpet in selective areas.

All political affiliations aside, we were very honored to be a part of this event. As far as we can tell, it was the biggest, most intensive rental set up that was created for the entire Inauguration, and being our first time working on the National Mall (which has its whole own set of rules and regulations as a highly-protected National Park) the project is a testament to our ability to rise to a National level of tenting with the same expert orchestration we use to set up back yard parties, corporate events and stunning weddings in Rochester, Buffalo and the Finger Lakes.

Thank you to everyone who followed along in this journey, supported us, and believed in us!

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Images by Tomas Flint Photography