Hosting a Holiday Event

Believe it or not, hosting a holiday gathering at your home can be fun and stress free! Here are 

5 tips to plan the best holiday event ever:

1. Invite a manageable amount of people

No one will enjoy the event if it is too crowded, too loud, or too hard to move around your home. Plus, the more people you invite, the more responsibilities you will have and the more it will likely cost. Think quality, not quantity. 

2. Give yourself a reasonable budget and STICK TO IT!

The holidays are a time for generosity…selecting the best ingredients, and going that extra mile. One way to maximize your dollar is by going potluck style. Ask that each guest (or couple/family) bring a dish to pass. This will take some of the burden off yourself, and it’s also so fun to enjoy others’ favorite holiday dishes. Be sure to keep a list of what everyone is bringing…no one likes potatoes in 7 varieties!

3. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Have your spouse/children help you with this part! If your holiday event includes children, make sure to have entertainment ready for them (crafts, special dessert treat, etc). If you are inviting someone who celebrates a different holiday than you, maybe make their place setting reflect that. It will show them that you didn’t forget and that you took extra time to make them feel special. Maybe also include a food from that holiday on your menu!

4. RENT things!

This is where WE come in! Unless you have endless amounts of cabinet space, you probably don’t have place settings for the amount of people you are inviting to your holiday event. If you purchase place settings for 25 people, you will have to also store place settings for 25 people. Call us and you can rent complete place settings including plates (dinner, salad, dessert, bread & butter, appetizer), glasses (wine, water, champagne, coffee, rocks, etc), and flatware. We also have linens (napkins, tablecloths and runners) in many different colors, textures and prints! Tables and chairs are also available in a wide variety of options. Visit our showroom and we can put a complete place setting together for you to see in person to make sure it’s what you want it to look like!


Take pictures and enjoy your time with friends and family this holiday season! Whatever holiday you celebrate…let us be a part of it and give us a call with your rental needs, we’re happy to help and look forward to being a part of your tradition!