To Cover or Not to Cover: The Great Chair Cover Debate

Every year the great chair cover debate rolls on: should you cover a chair, or should you rent a new chair? So, here’s our take on it and why…

If a chair cover is part of our your overall dream design aesthetic, you should absolutely rent chair covers. McCarthy Tents & Events’ chair covers start at $2.95 for a standard polyester cover (but a satin upgrade is typically more aligned with the what people envision), and sashes start at $2.00. Installation is not included, but oftentimes the venue or your wedding planner will help with set up for an additional fee.

If, however, chairs cover are not a part of your overall vision, but you really don’t like the chair included at the venue, budget is probably what is driving the decision to cover or not to cover. In this case, you might be surprised to discover that many our chair rental options cost less than the chair covers. Our white padded chair is just $2.95, and our black padded chair, natural wood padded chair and walnut padded chair are all just $4.95 each to rent.

Or, for $2 more, you could have a beautiful, solid-wood chiavari chair that would require nothing more than a loved one to fill it.

Chiavari chairs make a room. With their intricate design, airy stature and elegant look, they do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to elevating the style of your event. Below is an example of a Buffalo, NY wedding that opted to upgrade their order to chiavaris, using them both as their ceremony chair and their reception chair. The chairs allowed everything else to be simple, and let the bride and groom be the star of the show.

Photos courtesy of Ayres Photos 

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