One of our company’s most important points of differentiation is our commitment to cleanliness. We go to great lengths to ensure the rentals our customers receive at their event are in new or like-new condition. With tents being our flagship product and most significant investment not only for us, but for our customers, we wanted to invest in a system that would ensure our tents shine their brightest at every event.

So from 2019-2020, we built a brand new 15,000 sq ft warehouse addition onto our existing 22,000 sq ft space, one-third of which would be dedicated to being a state-of-the-art tent wash bay.

The newly adjoined warehouse would feature 40’ tall ceilings and a walled-off 5,000 sq ft room designed to be ultra clean and climate controlled. Thousands of pounds of concrete were poured to pitch perfectly to a 90 ft trench drain in the center of the room, allowing us to keep the floors clean at all times.

Tent Washing

We also purchased a TEECO 5000 tent washer (TEECO is the industry leader in tent washers), and are one of the very few tent companies in the country to have installed an innovative tent conveyor (made by Solutions CMR) system of about 600 ft of track that allows us to dry tens of thousands of sq ft of tents simultaneously.

High powered fans for drying and multiple garage door bays for easy access and good air flow in warmer months round out this truly amazing tent washing warehouse! All in the name of cleanliness! When we say we’re SERIOUSLY passionate about tents, we mean it!