Classic Brides: How to create the perfect outdoor wedding

Are you a classic bride with a classic wedding day vision? If so, here’s a great example of how McCarthy Tents & Events can translate your dreams to reality. The classic wedding is white on white on white. It’s crisp, it’s clean, it’s bright and it’s beautiful. One of the best things about our inventory is […]

To Cover or Not to Cover: The Great Chair Cover Debate

Every year the great chair cover debate rolls on: should you cover a chair, or should you rent a new chair? So, here’s our take on it and why… If a chair cover is part of our your overall dream design aesthetic, you should absolutely rent chair covers. McCarthy Tents & Events’ chair covers start […]

Inauguration Day

In early January 2017, we were involved in our largest, most exciting set-up to date: the 45th United States Presidential Inauguration, located right on the National Mall in the middle of Washington, D.C. The install began on January 6th, just 3 weeks after the initial phone call about building a Media Village with the US […]


A case for the budget-conscious bride…the simplest rentals can be the perfect blank canvas to let your details shine.

The Next Big Thing: Mobile Bridal Suite

At McCarthy Tents & Events we are always trying to innovate… always trying to stay in touch with our market and provide rentals that solve recurring problems. In our line of work, we are essentially creating wedding venues in unconventional locations, and over the years we’ve seen one-too-many-a-bride jammed into a make-shift dressing room, hotel room, behind a shed or crammed into a parked limo.

So it with great pleasure and anticipation that we introduce our latest big idea: the Mobile Bridal Suite!

Wedding Ideas for 2016

We often field calls from brides who are looking for our expert opinion on wedding decorations. What’s trending? How do we achieve a certain look? What is offered offer rental wise? At McCarthy Tents & Events, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and ready to knock your guests socks off with our new ideas and flawless execution.

Welcome to the Best of the Best

Let us welcome you behind the scenes and inside last season’s biggest undertaking: a 25×30 meter (82×100′) Losberger Uniflex Structure Tent. (sigh.) Isn’t she beautiful? This project was a week-long, construction-grade install. We used a 10,000 lb lift to erect 7 arches, one-by-one, as a laser-leveled floor was built between each arch. The floor graded […]

Rustic Wedding Ideas

For several years running, “rustic wedding” has been a pretty hot ticket. Country weddings, barn weddings, shabby chic… these are the phrases we hear brides say over and over when planning their wedding with us.  When they start describing what that means to them, it’s always words like warm, inviting, timeless, tried & true.  But […]

2016 Wedding Trend: Lighting

Looking back at 2015, there is no doubt that custom tent lighting installations were all the rage, setting the stage for what we think will continue to be 2016’s hottest wedding trend. Getting wedding reception lighting just right is key, not only for function, but for feel. “Ambiance” is a that magic word we like […]