5 Wedding Ideas to Incorporate into Your 2024 Rochester Wedding

By Emily Hessney Lynch

As the New Year fast approaches, so too do new wedding trends. For modern couples, weddings are ultra-customizable celebrations of the couple, where both the ceremony and the reception are a reflection of you, your tastes, and the life you’ve built with your partner. Since trends change so quickly from year to year, we’ve put together a roundup for you of the top five trends that 2024 brides and grooms still have time to incorporate into their dream Rochester wedding!

1) Interactive Food


Why have a plain old wedding cake or dessert table when you can have a doughnut wall? We first saw these appear in Rochester at Roc Girl Gang events, and it’s so much fun to take in the beautiful sight of a wall of eye-catching doughnuts, snap a photo for the ‘gram, and pick out your own tasty treat. There are plenty of fun ways to incorporate a more aesthetically interesting presentation of your appetizers or desserts, so brainstorm away!

2) Play with Lighting

Revelation: your entire venue doesn’t have to have the same lighting! You can choose different options for different spaces, like candles on your head table, or bistro lighting around the dance floor. Chandeliers are another classy touch you can incorporate, even in a rented tent. Customizing your space will make your wedding memorable for both you and your guests. The best way to do that is by creating an environment through the space, decor and lighting that is uniquely your own.

3) Sustainability

Online Wedding Invitation

Sustainability is on the rise at weddings. There are lots of ways you can reduce waste for your big day, like going paperless by doing online invitations. You can also opt for local vendors who prioritize sustainability. And while you’re at it, save guests the trinkets that are often given as favors and get thrown away, and instead make a contribution to charity in the amount you would have spent on favors.

4) Embracing Dietary Differences

Vegan Wedding

In 2019, we all seem to know more vegetarians, vegans, or gluten free folks. In the past at weddings, it was a struggle to accommodate a vegetarian at some venues. In 2024, brides and grooms will be leaning into dietary restrictions and preferences, making sure to offer something for everyone. Rochester is a great city for vegans, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants. Do your research and get planning! Guests that don’t drink alcohol should also be considered, so try including some fun mocktails on the menu that they can enjoy.

5) Make it Personal

It’s your wedding day, so yes, it’s about YOU! For years, brides focused on pulling ideas from Pinterest, decorating with mason jars and burlap, and cultivating the perfect aesthetic for Instagram. But now, making it authentically your own is the goal. Love tarot? Have a tarot card reader! Want to get married next to your favorite lake in the Finger Lakes? Rent a tent and have that lakeside wedding! Obsessed with ping pong? Have a ping pong table for guests to play at during the cocktail hour! Unique touches make the wedding more memorable and fun, so go ahead and flex your creativity. Deviating from the Pinterest norms is encouraged!

Which 2024 wedding trends appeal to you most? We can’t wait to see what you incorporate into your Rochester wedding! If you’re ready to book a tent for your big day, contact us today to get started.

Emily Hessney Lynch

Emily Hessney Lynch is the Director of I Heart ROC, where she interviews Rochesterians about what they love most in our city. Emily will be covering all things wedding for McCarthy Tents & Events so check back often to read her posts as you plan your wedding.

Emily is a voracious reader, a coffee enthusiast, and the proud mother of two rescue dogs. You can follow her on Twitter at @servemethesky.