4 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Party

Whether you’re planning a company party or an intimate gathering with family and friends, coordinating a seasonal event is no joke. From gifts to guest lists, from food to festive decor, there’s a lot to account for. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Not only are we seasoned pros when it comes to planning holiday parties of all sizes, but we’ve gathered a few solid tips along the way:

1. Eats: Think Family Style

Instead of having a sit-down dinner, serve your holiday meals family- or buffet-style. A rustic farm table is the perfect vessel for this kind of spread. Not only does it make for an Insta-worthy presentation, but family style meals foster and reinforce the season of giving we’re celebrating in the first place.

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2. Decorate – Start with place settings

During the holiday season, the dinner table is the epicenter for all celebrations — make it count. From your linens to dinnerware, pair simple elements with small, festive details to make your holiday party a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

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3. Create an Ambiance with Lighting

Tis not the season for bright overhead lights! Instead, think soft, warm light that mirrors the look and feel of the holiday season. To accentuate this lighting, decorate with metallic accents.

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4. Outsource

Hosting an unforgettable holiday party involves a lot of moving parts — and you shouldn’t have to maneuver them all by yourself. Work with a trusted event rental company to rent dishes, linens, extra seating, and event tents if you’re planning an outdoor holiday party. This will save you precious time and energy when it comes to setup and clean up, and it will also ensure that your party is the holiday vision you aimed for.

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