3 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Event

Every now and again, it’s beneficial to take your employees out of the office to celebrate your collective successes, both big and small. And one of the best ways to do this is by holding a corporate event or festival. While this might sound like a tall order for some companies, when broken into actionable steps and line items, corporate events are an excellent way to boost team morale, and build key relationships with customers and the surrounding community.

Here are three tips for planning your next corporate event in 2018:

Start with Your Audience

Who will attend your event? Will it be employees only or will their families be invited? Moreover, is this an event where clients and potential customers will be invited? When planning your corporate event, these questions are crucial and help to shape the activities, necessary details, and budget for your event.

Establish Your Goal

What’s the purpose of this event? Are you looking to strengthen client relationships with customers? Are you seeking ways to help boost group morale or help coworkers feel closer to one another? By establishing your goals and understanding the audience attending your corporate event, your details will continue to support the main purpose when planning your event.

Know Your Details

Guests? Check. Established goals? Check. Now that you have these pieces, it’s time to figure out everything you need to make this event happen, from content to seating to beverage offerings. Working with a trusted tent and events rental company will help make this part much easier. In fact, when it comes to corporate events and festivals, we at McCarthy Tents & Events consider ourselves to be seasoned professionals.

Whether it’s a cherished local event such as Rochester’s Lilac Festival or Jazzfest, or even an event of monumental proportions like the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, we understand what it takes to create an exceptionally professional and impeccably safe atmosphere.

Check out our extensive event rental offerings or speak to one of our team experts!

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